RH Hotels has collaborated with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, favouring education and social integration

This project aims to ensure that the children belonging to the most disadvantaged communities of Anantapur, affected by intellectual disabilities, receive a quality primary education, favouring their social integration and equal opportunities in the future.

In the educational center of Kadiri, the 76 boys and girls, have carried out activities ranging from physiotherapy, speech therapy or development for activities of daily living to meetings and training with parents to teach them to give them the correct attention and encouragement.

Children stay at the center for 3 weeks every month. The first week is spent with their parents. This system improves the responsibility of parents and all family members, promoting empathy for their children. It is an important part of rehabilitation based on integration in the family and the community. Parents receive instructions from the center's educators and relative training to know how to manage activities of daily living with their children.
In the center, life begins at 6 o'clock and ends at 8 o'clock. The academic training has been based on learning through the game, enhancing the skills that stand out in each child. Within the educational program, communication skills have been worked with speech therapy and motor skills classes with physiotherapy and physical education classes.


RH Hotels committed to the women of rural India

After finishing the construction project for the water structure to make better use of rain water in the Uravakonda region, RH Hotels has once again collaborated with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to prepare women in rural India. For this, an agreement has been made in which RH Hotels is committed to forming 50 women to be health workers in the community.

The main goal with this project is to strengthen the rural health network of Anddhra Pradesh, that has 16 rural clinics and 1.351 health workers. This way, basic health attention is offered to rural communities that live far away from health centers.

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