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Hotel with pool in Vinaros

Nouveau SPA Hôtel RH Vinaros Playa



¡New! In our Hotel RH Vinaros Playa you will be able to relax in our Spa, which includes:

  • Sauna.
  • Contrast showers.
  • Jacuzzi
  • Area for relaxing.
  • Changing rooms with lockers. 

We also have a massage lounge and during the summer months you will be able to enjoy the exterior jacuzzi a great option for those warm outdoor days. 

¡New! In the new Gymnasium will find a workout  & aerobic area.

o Motorized treadmill

o 4 exercise bikes

o 1 cycle ergometer 

o 1 abdominal bench 

o 1 multistation machine for upper body

o 1 multistation machine for lower body

o 3 adjustable benches for bench press

o 1 fixed bench for bench press

o Cross Trainer

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